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Werewolves are supernatural creatures.


The following passages need revision.

Formerly humans, they were infected with the lycanthropy virus, and are cursed to undergo a painful transformation into a monstorous wolf every full moon. At the end of Department 19, a werewolf loyal to Alexandru Rusmanov attacks Jamie, but it dragged off a cliff along with Colonel Frankenstein. In Department 19: The Rising, it is revealed that the werewolf was killed, its throat crushed by Victor Frankenstein as they fell. However, Frankenstein's hand was bitten by the wolf (as hinted in the first book) and he is now infected with lycanthropy. He is washed up in Cuxhaven, where he wanders for awhile before transforming and almost killing a young farmer girl, before being chased off by her father with his shotgun. Later on, while imprisoned in Paris by the vampire king of france, he transforms again, killing his former friend Latour, who betrayed him, and attacking a group of vampires, the Fraternite de la Nuit, who were watching him being tortured. In the battle a group of Operators led by Jamie Carpenter arrive, killing the vampire king and all the other vampires. Jamie then approaches the wolfen Frankenstein, and embraces him, before sedating him so he can be taken back to the loop.

Werewolves are extremly strong, violent creatures that transform once a month. They have none of the vulnerabilities of vampires, but have no intellect or higher reasoning when transformed besides a instinctive hatred for vampires- they are literally animals. However, contradictory to this, Frankenstein recongnises Jamie and refrains from attacking him when he is transformed, maybe due to the close relationship they share.

Known werewolvesEdit

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