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Vampire usually refers to a person who has supernatural powers. In this story these vampires are infected by a virus, which alters their DNA dramatically, and therefore changing some characteristics. The vampires in this series have:

  • Super Speed (n.B fastest vampire has never been recorded), so fast that they appear as a blur to human eyes, This characteristic comes from changing the efficencey of the muscles
  • Super Strength, can lift amazing weights, effortlessly. Due to increasing the muscle strength
  • Flying, the cause for this is unknown, but they can fly, and the more this power is used, the further one can fly.
  • Senses boosted, every sense is boosted so that they can see for miles, they can hear minute sounds, smell where people have been.
  • Regenerative abilities, they can regenerate extremely fast if they drink blood.
  • Fangs, which are coated in a plasma which contains the virus that makes vampires. They descend from the gums when the vampire is violent, drinking blood etc.
  • Red eyes, when they smell, or see blood, or drink blood, or get emotional. Can be controlled.

They are especially vulnerable to UV Light, which causes them to burst into purple flames. This is one of their only vunerablities. The only way in which you can kill a vampire is to pierce the heart. You can make one dormant by decapitiation or otherwise causing them to lose amounts of blood. But during their dormancy they can be brought back at any time, with sufficient blood.

Scientists have been investigating the vampire virus for many years, and Matt Browning, discovers that the older the vampire gets, the more potent their powers become and the more potent the virus is, causing the person who they bite to be stronger than the average vampire. This is called the Browning Theory.

If a vampire has been staked near the heart, and the stake hasn't been taken out, the vampire would age really fast. They can still drink blood to keep themselves from 'suffering', but if they removed the stake, they'd die. Valerino Dante was staked by Frankenstein but the stake had always been stuck in his chest until years later when he was finally killed by the werewolf colonel.

Known vampiresEdit

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