Valerino Dante
Full name Valerino Dante
Gender Male
Birth 1800s
Death 2010
Military Information
Status Deceased

Valerino Dante was the self-titled King Vampire of Paris.

Physical descriptionEdit

Dante had wrinkled and lined skin, with grey hair set back on his head. He had a metal blade protruding from his chest after being stabbed by Victor Frankenstein. The blade in his chest stops his immortality, and he needs a heavy amount of blood to stop himself from dying.

Personality Edit

Proclaiming himself as the "Vampire King of Paris" he was a very big-headed man, and he would kill anyone who threatened his rule. For example, he once murdered a vampire in front of all of his guests because the vampire suggested that maybe a vampire's worth should not be determined by his age.


Meeting FrankensteinEdit

Taking RevengeEdit

Latour brought Frankenstein to the vampire theatre one last time, so Dante could get his revenge. Dante strapped him to a wooden pole on the stage and began to torture him. But at that moment, the strike team sent to find Frankenstein burst into the theatre, letting off an ultraviolet grenade. Frankenstein's wolf side took over, and he broke out of his bonds, killing Latour. The strike team manage to kill Dante, rescuing Frankenstein.