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Tim Albertsson
Full name Tim Albertsson
Gender Male
Age 25 (at time of death)
Relatives Unnamed grandfather
Military Information
Affiliation National Security Division 9 (former)
US Navy (former)
Squad Unknown
Rank Special Operator (former)
ID SO413
Status Deceased

Tim Albertsson was a Special Operator of NS9.

Physical descriptionEdit

Tim has blonde hair and blue eyes due to his Scandinavian descent. He's also tall and broad-shouldered, and has straight, pearl-white teeth. Furthermore, he has tanned skin.


Larissa describes him as "charming, polite and sociable." She also states that he's quite popular in Dreamland due to his open-minded, optimistic and generous personality. However, she also describes him as arrogant.


Before he came to Dreamland, Tim was an undersea diver of the US Navy. Right after his joining, his grandfather, a former officer of FTB, the German department for supernatural activities, told Tim a lot about the European departments, especially Blacklight, awakening some kind of "obsession" towards Blacklight in his grandson. Due to that, Tim tried to be transferred to Blacklight, but his wish was always denied.

Eventually Tim met Dominique Saint-Jacques during an unspecified mission in Somalia.


Working with LarissaEdit



Larissa KinleyEdit

He seems to have a crush on Larissa, although she already has a boyfriend.