The Secret History of a Teenage Vampire
File 1
Author Will Hill
Date Published July 4, 2013[1]
No. of pages 22
96[1] (print)
Preceded by
Department 19: The Rising
Followed by
Department 19: Battle Lines
Release Order
Released after
The New Blood: 1919
Released before
Department 19: Battle Lines

The Secret History of a Teenage Vampire is the first[2] file in the Department 19 files by Will Hill.


Larissa Kinley is a fully armed Operator for Department 19, a secret branch of the British government dedicated to saving us all from the supernatural. She's also a vampire. And a teenage girl.

When the 17-year-old survivor of a vampire attack is brought to the Department's secret base, Larissa sees the chance to find out what a normal life is like, the kind of life she could have had if things had gone differently. As the two girls talk, Larissa finally finds the courage to tell someone her deepest secrets, and the terrible things she has done to survive as a creature of the night. But when the past catches up with you, sometimes it has fangs...