The Second Birth of Frankenstein
File 5
Author Will Hill
Date Published May 8, 2014[1]
No. of pages 47[2](print)[1]
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The Devil in No Man's Land: 1917
Release Order
Released after
Department 19: Battle Lines
Released before
Department 19: Zero Hour

The Second Birth of Frankenstein is the fifth and final[3] file in the Department 19 files by Will Hill.


In 1816, in the brutal wilderness of north America, a man with no history and no name is tied to a stake, his strange grey-green skin hidden beneath layers of warm clothing, as he and his captors wait out a night that seems to have no end.

Danger is everywhere in this remote corner of the world. Bears and wolves roam the dark forest, and the cold can kill a man in his sleep. But there is something far worse moving silently through the trees.

Something unnatural. Something hungry.