Terry Bishop
Gender Male
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19
Status Alive

Terry Bishop is the lead physical trainer in the Loop's "Playground."

Physical descriptionEdit

Terry is broad-shouldered and muscular. He is described as having a head "like a bowling ball"


Terry is a tough man, and he believes that treating people nicely during training will get them nowhere; so he will punch you and knock you to the ground to train you.


Meeting Jamie CarpenterEdit

When Jamie Carpenter arrives at the Loop, Terry gives Jamie a basic training session. When Jamie is put into a virtual simulation of destroying vampires, Terry is extremely impressed at his skill. After Jamie finished his mission on Lindisfarne, Terry picked him and his team up in a helicopter.

Roughing the RookiesEdit

When a new intake of recruits came into Department 19, Terry was put incharge of training them. He was seen training with John Morton and Lizzy Ellison.


Jamie CarpenterEdit

John Morton Edit

Lizzy Ellison Edit

Appearances Edit


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