We're no longer the good guys. Maybe we were once, but those days are gone. No we're the lesser of two evils. And that's all.

Cal Holmwood, Department 19: Zero Hour (chapter 40)

To protect the world from supernatural creatures, especially from vampires, many Supernatural departments were formed since the late 19th century. Currently a total of eleven of such departments exist.

Known departmentsEdit

  • Great Britain: Department 19 (D19)
    Secret Military Facility 303-F
  • USA: National Security Division 9 (NS9)
    Restricted Compound C7, Nevada Test and Training Range, Nevada
  • Germany: The Office of the Supernatural (FTB)
    Complex 17, Dortmund
  • Russia: Supernatural Protection Commissariat (SPC)
    Restriced Area A12, Polyarny, Russia
  • China: The People's Bureau of the Supernatural (PBS6)
    Military Centre W, Western Hills, Beijing
  • Egypt: Section G (G-Sec)
    Al-Mazar Precinct, Cairo
  • Canada: The Office of Supernatural Affairs (OSA)
    Building 31, Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Trenton, Ontario
  • South Africa: Military Detachment Alpha (MDA)
    Installation 25, Gauteng Province
  • India: National Defense Unit C (N-DUC)
    Security Complex G341, Gujarat
  • Brazil: Federal Security Unit 12 (F12)
    Basin Airbase, Amazonas
  • Japan: Supernatural Defense Force (SSDF)
    Intelligence Command, Naha, Okinawa