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Supernatural Support Line (SSL) is a support line which was designed for people which were affected by the supernatural, whether they were human or vampire.

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SSL was founded by Pete Randall and Greg Browning, but it was funded by Rusmanov Holdings which had been owned by Valeri Rusmanov.

The organisation employed many call-workers who listened to callers about their problems involving the supernatural. Pete began to get suspicious as Greg refused to distribute the cure. Greg appeared to be talking to the board of directors without Pete, the board being Valeri Rusmanov. One night, Pete followed Greg, and he saw him emerge from a pub with some men. Pete followed them, and he saw them about to execute a vampire. When Pete confronted them, Greg tried to kill him. Greg shot Pete in the arm, after killing the vampire. Pete fell into a river, but he was rescued by some council workers.

Later, Pete testified to Department 19 about Greg's involvement in the Night Stalkers. It is revealed that the SSL was all just an elaborate plot to get the names of vampires for the Night Stalkers, so that they could execute vigilante justice.