Quincey Morris
Full name Quincey Morris
Gender Male
Birth April 3, 1860[1]
Age 32 (at time of death)
Death August 14, 1892[1]
Relatives Jenny Doyle † (wife)
David Morris † (son)
for more, see: Morris family
Military Information
Status Deceased

Quincey Morris brought down the first vampire, Count Dracula, alongside his friends, the founders of Department 19. He was also the one who killed Dracula together with Jonathan Harker.


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He is a rich young American from Texas, and one of the three men who proposes to Lucy Westenra. Quincey is friends with her other two admirers, Arthur Holmwood and Dr. John Seward, even after Lucy has chosen between them, as well as Jonathan Harker. He carries a Bowie knife at all times, and at one point he admits that he is a teller of tall tales and 'a rough fellow, who hasn't perhaps lived as a man should' (Dracula Chapter 25). Quincey is the last person to donate his blood to Lucy before her death.

Quincey is one of the few characters in Dracula to have prior knowledge of blood drinkers. In chapter 12, he mentions that he was forced to shoot his horse while in the Pampas after vampire bats drank it dry during the night.

Quincey plays an important role in the climax of the novel. He, along with Jonathan Harker, are the ones who finally destroy Count Dracula. Quincey is gravely injured in the final battle with Count Dracula, and dies shortly afterwards. In gratitude, Harker and his wife, Mina Harker, name their son Quincey. Their son is actually named after all five of the men that destroyed Dracula but called Quincey because of Morris's death.



  • Even though he was already deceased when Blacklight was founded, his family was treated like the ones of the actual founders of the Department.
  • Quincey Morris was at least partially formed after the character of the same name from Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • Quincey Harker, the son of Jonathan Harker and his wife, Mina, was named after him.


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