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Qiang Li
Full name Qiang Li
Gender Male
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19
The People's Bureau of the Supernatural (former)
Squad Squad J-5
Status Deceased

Qiang Li was an Operator of Department 19. Before he was transferred to Blacklight, Qiang worked for The People's Bureau of the Supernatural (PBS6), the Chinese supernatural department.

Physical descriptionEdit


Qiang was a skilled and clear Operator who held an obvious devotion to duty. He rarely laughed and only spoke when necessary. He was utterly professional, precise and seemed more like a robot than an actual human being.

More than six months later, Qiang became a "markedly different person," as stated by Jamie. He is now capable of making a limited amount of small talk, talking about his family and friends that he left behind, and on rare occasions, making small, bone-dry jokes.


Before Qiang Li became part of Jamie Carpenter's new squad in Blacklight alongside Lizzy Ellison, he worked for The People's Bureau of the Supernatural.

He also originated from the autonomous Xinjiang Province in the northwest of China.


The Hollison DisasterEdit



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