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This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Department 19 series and, or files. If you haven't begun reading the books and files or you are not too far into the story, please do refrain from reading.

The Night Stalkers were a group of vampire hunters, deploying vigilante justice on vampires. Known members include Greg Browning and Phil Baker. There are more unknown members.


The Night Stalkers were funded by Rusmanov Holdings, an offshore company owned by none other than Valeri Rusmanov. The Night Stalkers were formed to distract the world wide departments from finding the location of Dracula, so the ancient vampire could make his grand appearance as he pleased. The Night Stalkers were eventually stopped when Pete Randall confronted Greg Browning, as Pete had found out that Greg was really a Night Stalker, and that the foundation they had created together (Supernatural Support Line) was all just a rouse to get the names of vampires so that the Night Stalkers could execute vigilante justice onto them. Pete tried to run after Greg pulled a gun on him, but Pete was shot in the shoulder. He fell into a river, and he was later rescued by two council workers. Pete was taken to hospital, where two night stalkers tried to kill him, but Kate Randall and Dominique Saint-Jacques saved him by killing the Night Stalkers. Pete was taken to the Loop, where he testified to Department 19 about the members of the Night Stalkers, shutting them down for good.