Natalia Lenski
Full name Natalia Lenski
Gender Female
Age 18 (as of 2009/2010)
Relatives Unnamed father †
Unnamed mother
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19
ID NS304, 11-L
Status Alive

Natalia Lenski is a young scientist working for Department 19, and currently part of the Lazarus Project.

Physical descriptionEdit

Natalia has skin in the colour of "Siberian snow" and blonde hair which is only a few shades darker than her skin colour. She also has blue eyes.



Natalia originates from a village in Russia. Due to her intelligence, the people of her village didn't understand and like her, excluding her and calling her a "freak."

At the age of fourteen, she graduated from the University of Leningrad.

Eventually, people from the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) came to Natalia's village, wanting to take her with them as she was "valuable" for them. Her mother protested, but her father tried to sell her off to them, enraging a Colonel of FSB whose name was Gregorovich. He then shot Natalia's father, and the security agency took her with them.

When Gregorovich and other members of the Federal Security Service led Natalia to a car, the village people, who believed that she was a criminal and being arrested, watched them, loudly insulting Natalia. One even spat at her, which resulted in Gregorovich shooting him too. She then left her home village forever.[1]


The BombingEdit

Kate Randall invited Natalia to her quarters to discuss private matters about Matt Browning, when Kate's quarters exploded. Natalia was hit by the door , but she survived.


Matt BrowningEdit

Robert Karlsson Edit

Kate Randall



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