Marie Carpenter
Full name Marie Carpenter (née Wilmington)
Gender Female
Birth July 1, 1960
Age 48
Relatives Julian Carpenter (husband)
Jamie Carpenter (son)
John Carpenter (father-in-law)
Unnamed sister[1][2]
Unnamed brother-in-law[1]
Military Information
Squad None
Rank None
Status Alive

Marie Carpenter is the wife of Julian Carpenter and mother of Jamie Carpenter. She is later turned into a vampire by Alexandru Rusmanov.

Physical descriptionEdit

Marie has pale grey eyes.[3]




On December 18, 1992, Marie gives birth to Jamie, her son with Julian Carpenter.

After Julian's "death" in November 2007, Marie and her son had frequent arguments, and regularly moved houses.

Kidnapped by AlexandruEdit

She is kidnapped by Alexandru Rusmanov in revenge for when Julian destroyed his wife, Ilyana. As a final goodbye to the Carpenter family, he turned Marie into a vampire.

Life in the LoopEdit

She currently resides in a UV cell in the Loop, where she regularly has tea with Valentin Rusmanov.


Julian CarpenterEdit

Jamie CarpenterEdit

Larissa KinleyEdit

Henry SewardEdit

Valentin RusmanovEdit



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