Lizzy Ellison
Full name Elizabeth Ellison
Gender Female
Age 23 (as of 2009)
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19
Squad Squad J-5
Squad M-3 (former)
Rank Operator
ID NS303, 07-C
Status Alive

Lizzy Ellison is an Operator of Department 19 and part of Jamie Carpenter's new team, Squad M-3, and later part of Squad J-5.

Physical descriptionEdit


Lizzy is hard as steel when she needs to be, and she will put all other things aside in order to get the job done. Also, she is good at snapping people out of trances when they become side-tracked on missions.


Before she joined Department 19, she was a member of the Secret Intelligence Servis (SIS) like Angela Darcy.


Breakout of Broadmoor PatientsEdit


John MortonEdit

Jamie CarpenterEdit


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