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Full name Lamberton
Gender Male
Military Information
Status Deceased

Lamberton was a vampire and loyal servant to Valentin Rusmanov.

Physical descriptionEdit



Even before becoming a vampire, Lamberton was Valentin Rusmanov's servant. Only when he began to grow older, Lamberton suggested that Valentin turn him into a vampire.


Joining BlacklightEdit

Lamberton and Valentin went to the Twilight Care Home, after vampires had taken over the building. The pair confronted the Blacklight operators, but eventually Valentin defected to them, and as Lamberton was Valentin's loyal servant, he defected as well.

The BombingEdit

Lamberton was forced by Richard Brennan to place bombs in Kate Randall's and Paul Turner's rooms, as Brennan was threatening to kill Valentin if he didn't do it. After the bomb in Kate's room went up and injuried Natalia Lenski, the vampires residing in the Loop are questioned by Turner and Kate. During the questioning of Marie Carpenter they found out that Lamberton was in possession of a console, and they go confronting him. Lamberton was killed by his own master, Valentin, for "dirtying his honour," after Turner had told him about Lamberton's role in the bombing.


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