John Seward
Full name John Seward
Gender Male
Birth November 24, 1861[1]
Age 62 (at time of death)
Death January 14, 1924[1]
Relatives Frances Wilton † (wife)
Annabel Seward † (daughter)
Peter Seward † (son)
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Military Information
Affiliation Department 19 (former)
Title Doctor (former)
Director of Blacklight (former)
ID NS301, 01-A[2] (former)
Status Deceased

John Seward, M.D. was one of the founders of Department 19. Seward was the administrator of an insane asylum not far from Count Dracula's first English home, Carfax.

Physical descriptionEdit



Forming BlacklightEdit

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Throughout the novel, Seward conducts ambitious interviews with one of his patients, R. M. Renfield, in order to understand better the nature of life-consuming psychosis. As a psychiatrist, Seward enjoys using the most up-to-date equipment, including using a recording phonograph to record his interviews with his patients and his own notes. Several chapters of the novel consist of transcriptions of Seward's phonograph recordings.

He is best friends with Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood. All three propose to Lucy Westenra the same day. Although Lucy turns down Seward's marriage proposal, his love for her remains, and he dedicates himself to her care when she suddenly takes ill.

He calls in his mentor, Abraham Van Helsing, to help him with her illness, and he helps Seward to realize that Lucy has been bitten by a vampire and is doomed to become one herself. After she is officially destroyed and her soul can go to Heaven, Seward is determined to destroy Dracula. The novel's epilogue mentions that Seward is now happily married.



  • John Seward was at least partially formed after the character of the same name from Bram Stoker's Dracula.


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