John Carpenter
Full name John Carpenter
Gender Male
Birth July 11, 1906[1]
Age 22[2](as of Sylvester 1938)
82 (at time of death)
Death April 1, 1989[1]
Relatives Claire Chambers † (wife)
Julian Carpenter (son)
Marie Carpenter (daughter-in-law)
Jamie Carpenter (grandson)
Christopher Carpenter † (son)
Ava Carpenter † (sister)
Henry Carpenter † (father)
Olivia Westenra † (mother)
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19 (former)
Status Deceased

John Carpenter was the father of Julian Carpenter, grandfather of Jamie and good friend to Victor Frankenstein.



Frankenstein describes him as a brave man.



John was born to Henry Carpenter and his wife, Olivia Westenra, on July 11, 1906.

In late 1928, John met Frankenstein who later promised him to protect him and his family.[2]

In 1939, John returned to the Royal Air Force after he had quit his job as a pilot nine years ago, right after Adolf Hitler declared war. A decision John's father, Henry, didn't prove.[3]

On May 8, 1958, John's first son, Julian, was born. Six years later, he and his wife, Claire Chambers, had another son, but Christopher died shortly afterwards.


Victor FrankensteinEdit

Valentin RusmanovEdit



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