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Henry Seward
Full name Henry Seward
Gender Male
Birth February 19, 1962
Age 46
Relatives Benjamin Seward (father)
Kerry Miller (mother)
Caroline Turner (sister)
Paul Turner (brother-in-law)
Shaun Turner † (nephew)
for more, see: Seward family
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19
Squad None
Rank Admiral
ID NS303, 27-A
Status Alive

Henry Seward is the former Director of Department 19.

Physical descriptionEdit

Henry has greying hair and a strong build.


He is a tough, rational man but can sometimes have a soft side.


Seward joined Blacklight in 1983 after his twenty-first birthday. Ten years later, in 1993, he became Director of the organisation, succeeding Quincey Morris III.


Meeting Jamie CarpenterEdit

Attack on the LoopEdit

Prisoner of DraculaEdit


Throughout their time together, Seward has developed an almost paternal affection for Jamie Carpenter. He is full of admiration for his accomplishments and respects his decisions like a parent would.

Seward seems to be quite fond of Marie, regularly visiting her in her cell to talk and have tea.

Prior to Julian's "betrayal" and faked death, Seward and he have been close friends.

Seward and Turner share a close friendship, as Turner is the husband of Seward's sister, Caroline.



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