Henry Carpenter
Full name Henry Carpenter
Gender Male
Birth August 1, 1870[1]
Age 22[2] (as of June 1892)
32[3] (as of June 1902)
52 (at time of death)
Death November 7, 1922[1]
Relatives Olivia Westenra (wife)
John Carpenter (son)
Ava Carpenter † (daughter)
Julian Carpenter (grandson)
Christopher Carpenter (grandson)
Jamie Carpenter (great-grandson)
for more, see: Carpenter family
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19 (former)
ID NS301, 04-A[4] (former)
Status Deceased

Henry Carpenter was one of the founders of Department 19, and the former servant of Abraham Van Helsing.

Physical descriptionEdit



In 1889, Henry became the butler of Van Helsing at the age of nineteen.

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The Lyceum IncidentEdit

Abraham Van Helsing was called to the Lyceum Theatre, to investigate the dissapearance of a showgirl. Henry Carpenter was the valet of Van Helsing. The theatre was owned by Bram Stoker. Carpenter, Helsing and Stoker ventured into the basement, and they found the showgirl in the cavern; along with a sleeping vampire. Stoker gets scared and begins to run, slipping on a slab and awakening the vampire. Helsing kills the vampire, and Carpenter and Helsing escape.

Forming BlacklightEdit

Abraham Van Helsing was asked by the prime minister about the buisness involving the vampire. The prime minister offered Helsing the chance to form his own department to counteract the supernatural. Helsing is given 48 hours, and he meets with his friends to discuss it.

Abraham Van Helsing, John Seward, Jonathan Harker, Arthur Holmwood and Henry Carpenter met one evening to speak about the buisness involving the department. They agree to form the department to destroy vampires.

Digging Up Dracula's AshesEdit

Henry Carpenter and Abraham Van Helsing (along with a Russian man) travel to Transylvania to collect Dracula's ashes. They dig them up, and when they return to the port, the Russian pulls out a handgun and points it at Helsing's head. The Russian takes the ashes, and returns to Russia, where decades later, Valeri Rusmanov would steal them and revive his master.


Abraham Van HelsingEdit



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