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Full name Grey
Gender Male
Military Information
Status Alive

Grey is apparently the oldest vampire in the United Kingdom, and is of British-Scottish descent.

Physical descriptionEdit

He has grey curly hair.


Grey can be quite polite and cunning at times.



He created a vampire village in Scotland named "Valhalla" as a peaceful living place for all the vampires who didn't drink blood. Every vampire, who decided to live there, was forbidden to ever drink blood. Instead of that, they grew foodd, had a river and grew livestock for blood. Despite being the leader of said village, Grey secretly broke his own rule and killed innocent young girls for their blood. During this time, he turned Larissa Kinley into a vampire.

Reunion with Larissa KinleyEdit

After his crimes were revealed to the vampires living in Valhalla, Grey was banned from his own village.

Finding Dracula's First VictimEdit


Larissa KinleyEdit

Larissa despises him for turning her into a vampire.