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Greg Browning
Full name Greg Browning
Gender Male
Relatives Lynne Browning (estranged wife)
Matt Browning (son)
Laura Browning (daughter)
Military Information
Status Alive

Greg Browning is the father of Matt Browning.

Physical descriptionEdit


Greg can sometimes be cruel. He is easily angered, and is often seen shouting at his wife Lynne. When Larissa Kinley lands in their garden, Matt Browning is attacked, sending Greg down this path.



Losing Matt BrowningEdit

When Larissa lands in their back garden, Matt is attacked by her. Matt is brought into Department 19 to be saved. When Matt is returned to Greg, he is overjoyed. But then Matt dissapears once again, sending Greg down a dangerous path.[1]

Meeting "South"Edit

While looking in Matt's room, he discovers a link on his computer which sends him to a website about the supernatural. He pours his thoughts out onto the screen, and he is met with a response and another detailed story from "South" A.K.A Pete Randall. They continue to talk on Skype, and when they see Kevin McKenna's post on his website, they go up to Reading to meet eachother.

Uncovering BlacklightEdit

When they meet Albert Harker and Kevin, they discover the world of Blacklight. After Harker is killed by Matt, Kate Randall and Matt take their helmets off and rush to their fathers. They embrace. The pair are released after signing the offical secrets act.[2]

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Night StalkersEdit

Pete and Greg found the Supernatural Support Line (SSL), a helpline for vampires and everyone effected by the supernatural. Pete becomes suspicous of Greg when he begins to believe that he is lying to him. The Night Stalkers attacks have grown more frequent, and one night Pete follows Greg. It is revealed that Greg and various other men are the Night Stalkers, executing vampires. Pete confronts Greg, and when Pete runs, Greg shoots him. Pete falls into a river and is pulled out by council workers. Pete later testifies to Department 19 that Greg is behind the Night Stalkers. It is revealed that the Night Stalkers were funded by Valeri Rusmanov. Greg drives a car into the front gate of Department 19, and he threatens to burn innocent protestors if he doesn't get to see Matt. Greg shoots Kate, almost killing her. Greg is imprisoned for life at Department 19. Matt goes to see him and tells him that he is ashamed to be his son.[3]


Matt BrowningEdit

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  • Greg is quite fond of action movies.[4]
  • Greg is a sports fan, and a drinker.[exact citation needed]