Dominique Saint-Jacques
Full name Dominique Saint-Jacques
Gender Male
Age early 30s
Relatives Unnamed grandfather
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19
Squad Squad F-7 (former)
Rank Lieutenant
Status Alive

Dominique Saint-Jacques is a Lieutenant of Department 19.

Physical descriptionEdit

He's a tall, handsome man and has dark skin. Dominique's also quite quiet.


According to Tim Albertsson, Dominique is quite popular among girls.


Before he joined Blacklight, Dominique was a member of the French Legionaire and was expected to join the German FTB, but he decided to join Blacklight as he had an English grandfather.

During an unspecified mission in Somalia, Dominique met Tim.


Searching for FrankensteinEdit

Skills and abilitiesEdit



Department 19 ‒ Blacklight
Current members
Former members

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