Department 19: Zero Hour
ZH - Hardcover
Author Will Hill
Cover Artist  ?
Date Published June 5, 2014
No. of pages 704 (hardcover)
700 (paperback)
Preceded by
Department 19: Battle Lines
Followed by
Department 19: Darkest Night
Release Order
Released after
The Second Birth of Frankenstein
Released before
Department 19: Darkest Night

Department 19: Zero Hour is the fourth book in the Department 19 series by Will Hill.


Department 19 still stands against the darkness. But for how much longer? Book four in the explosive series from bestselling author, Will Hill.

As Dracula continues his rise, the men and women of Department 19 wait for good news. But hope is in short supply – the country is beginning to fall apart as the public comes to terms with the horror in their midst; a cure for vampirism remains years, even decades away; and their supposed ally Valentin Rusmanov has not been heard from in weeks.

Jamie Carpenter and his friends are working hard to keep the forces of evil at bay, but it is beginning to feel like a lost cause... Until familiar faces from the past bring news that could turn the tide. News that takes Matt Browning to America on a desperate search for a miracle, and sends Jamie and Larissa Kinley into the darkest corners of eastern Europe, where something old and impossibly powerful waits for them.

Something that could stop Dracula for good.

But the clock is ticking.

Night is falling. And Zero Hour is almost here...


As Dracula continues his rise, Department 19 is desperately trying to keep the forces of evil at bay. Then, an unexpected source brings a ray of hope, sending Jamie and Larissa on a dangerous mission to find the one thing that could turn back the darkness for good.

But the clock is ticking. And Dracula is getting stronger with every second...


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Prologue: Mojave Desert, near Caliente, California, USA ‒ Four weeks ago


7 Days Till Zero Hour

6 Days Till Zero Hour

5 Days Till Zero Hour

4 Days Till Zero Hour

3 Days Till Zero Hour

2 Days Till Zero Hour

1 Day Till Zero Hour

Epilogue: Happily Every After ‒ Two Days Later


Prologue: Mojave Desert, near Caliente, California, USA ‒ Four weeks ago

  1. Safety Measures
  2. Playing Rough
  3. Questions and Answers
  4. The Needs of the Many
  5. Chewed Up and Spat Out
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Positive Male Role Models
  8. Eye in the Sky
  9. Business As Usual
  10. The Myth of Sisyphus ‒ Part I
  11. North of the Border
  12. The Myth of Sisyphus ‒ Part II
  13. The Grey Area
  14. Which Do You Want First?
  15. By a Thread
  16. The Man You Want to Be
  17. Retraced Steps
  18. If At First...
  19. No Regrets
  20. The Chosen Few
  21. Homeland Security
  22. Your Dead Body
  23. Broad Horizons
  24. The Spirit of Cooperation
  25. An Unlikely Source
  26. Into the Wild
  27. On the Trail
  28. Deep Cover ‒ Part I
  29. Everything Is a Choice
  30. Deep Cover ‒ Part II
  31. A Hundred Small Pieces of Bone
  32. The Centre Cannot Hold
  1. By Dawn's Early Light
  2. Let the Past Rest
  3. A Hard Day's Night
  4. The Old and the Forgotten
  5. Down the Rabbit Hole
  6. Cold War Echoes
  7. Stay Buried
  8. Safeguard
  9. The Prodigal Son
  10. The Locked Room
  11. Lying Down
  12. The Wall
  13. Journey's End
  14. Out of the Bag
  15. Be Careful What You Wish For
  16. Night Falls
  17. Side Effects
  18. No Time to Lose
  19. Deadline
  20. Perimeter Breach
  1. The World of Common Day
  2. Everything You Have Left
  3. Veteran's Association
  4. Why We Fight
  5. The Calm Before
  6. The Storm ‒ Part I
  7. The Storm ‒ Part II
  8. The Storm ‒ Part III
  9. The Storm ‒ Part IV
  10. Leave It All On the Field
  11. Time Waits for No Man

Epilogue: Happily Ever After ‒ Two Days Later

Opening quotes

It would be easy to be clever
And tell the stones: Men hate to die
And have stopped dying now forever.
I think they would believe the lie.

Robert Frost, In a Discussed Graveyard

Surely there is some horrible doom hanging over us that
every possible accident should thwart us in all we try to do.

John Seward, Bram Stoker's Dracula


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Department 19 members

NS9 members

Other international Operators



Mentioned only

  • Kevin McKenna
  • Caroline Turner
  • Alfred Bell
  • Gregorovich
  • Ivana (flashback only)
  • Alexei Rusmanov's wife (flashback only)
  • Alexei Rusmanov's sister-in-laws (flashback only)
  • Pete (alluded to)
  • Paul Whates
  • Amy Underwood
  • Mark Potter
  • Scott Marshall





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