Department 19: Battle Lines
BL - Hardcover
Author Will Hill
Cover Artist  ?
Date Published August 29, 2013
No. of pages 702
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The Secret History of a Teenage Vampire
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Department 19: Zero Hour
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Department 19: Battle Lines is the third book in the Department 19 series by Will Hill.


Dracula is on the verge of coming into his full power. Department 19 is on the back foot. Ladies and gentlemen: welcome to war. The stakes? Mankind's very survival...

As the clock ticks remorselessly towards Zero Hour and the return of Dracula, the devastated remnants of Department 19 try to hold back the rising darkness.

Jamie Carpenter is training new recruits, trying to prepare them for a fight that appears increasingly futile. Kate Randall is pouring her grief into trying to plug the Department's final leaks, as Matt Browning races against time to find a cure for vampirism. And on the other side of the world, Larissa Kinley has found a place she feels at home, yet where she makes a startling discovery.

Uneasy truces are struck, new dangers emerge on all sides, and relationships are pushed to breaking point. And in the midst of it all, Department 19 faces a new and potentially deadly threat, born out of one of the darkest moments of its own long and bloody history.

Zero Hour is coming. And the Battle Lines have been drawn.

Secret government unit Department 19 is recovering from evil vampire Valeri Rusmanov's deadly attack on their base. The Department's newest member, teenage operator Jamie Carpenter, is tasked with training up a new squad, as his friends and colleagues desperately search for ways to try to stop what is coming.

The timing couldn't be worse for a coordinated, global attack on a number of maximum security prisons and hospitals — with the already-dangerous inmates now on the loose and turned into vampires. One of the escapees has a deep connection to one of the darkest moments in the history of Department 19 and embarks on a quest that threatens to expose the existence of vampires to the public. And with each day that passes, the regenerated Dracula gets stronger, bringing Zero Hour closer.


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52 Days Till Zero Hour

51 Days Till Zero Hour

50 Days Till Zero Hour

49 Days Till Zero Hour

Two Days Later


Epilogue I: Three Farewells

Epilogue II: Two Prisoners



  1. The Next Generation
  2. Lazarus Revamped
  3. Slow News Day
  4. The Desert Should Be No Place for a Vampire
  5. Everything Heals, in Time
  6. Civilised Men
  7. Sink or Swim
  8. The Lost Harker
  9. The Shock of the New
  10. In Conversation
  11. Time to Go Home
  12. Ready to Roll
  13. Social Networking
  14. Girls VS. Boys
  15. One of Our Own
  16. Classified Means Classified
  17. Old Scores
  18. The Most Important Meal of the Day
  19. The War On Drugs ‒ Part I
  20. The Sleep of the Just
  21. The War on Drugs ‒ Part II
  22. On the Trail of the Dead
  23. Truth or Consequences
  24. The War on Drugs ‒ Part III
  25. From Beyond the Grave
  26. Too Close to Home
  27. Dormant for Too Long
  28. Where It Hurts
  29. Drowning Out
  30. Preliminary Conclusions
  31. From Ancient Grudge Break to New Mutiny
  1. Closing the Net
  2. Playing with Fire
  3. The Sum of Our Parts
  4. Going Underground
  5. Sin City
  6. By a Thread
  7. Connecting the Dots
  8. Prime Suspect
  9. Paved with Good Intentions
  10. Undercurrents
  11. Fathers4truth
  12. The Dark Horizon
  13. Three Musketeers
  14. Final Edition
  15. It Never Rains...
  16. Time Waits for No Man
  17. Behind the Curtain
  18. Pieces of the Puzzle
  19. Deadline
  20. ... It Pours
  21. Headlong
  22. Leaving on a Jet Plane
  23. Guilty Parties
  24. Hold the Front Page
  25. We Take Care of Our Own
  26. Hot Off the Press
  27. After the Horse Has Bolted
  28. What Might Have Been Lost
  29. Homecoming
  30. Postmortem

Epilogue I: Three Farewells
Epilogue II: Two Prisoners

Opening quotes

The earth had a single light afar,
A flickering, human pathetic light,
That was maintained against the night,
It seemed to me, by the people there,
With a Godforsaken brute despair.

Robert Frost, On the Heart's Beginning to Cloud the Mind

We seem to be drifting into unknown places and unknown ways;
into a whole world of dark and dreadful things.

Jonathan Harker, Bram Stoker's Dracula


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