Gender Male
Death February 12, 2005
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19 (former)
Rank Private (former)
Status Deceased

Connor was a Department 19 operator that participated in the Budapest raid in Julian Carpenter's team.


Connor was a young private selected by Julian Carpenter to participate in a raid on the Molnár estate near Budapest, Hungary to find Alexandru Rusmanov on February 12, 2005. He and another young private Miller were the first operators Julian could find on short notice along with Victor Frankenstein and Paul Turner. It was well noted that the two privates were very inexperienced with less than a year's experience between the two of them. Early on in the mission, Connor has his throat bitten open by a young vampire girl. Realizing there was no time for the others evacuate him, he begged Julian Carpenter kill him before he turned. Carpenter reluctantly complied.



Department 19 ‒ Blacklight
Current members
Former members

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