Christopher Carpenter
Full name Christopher Carpenter
Gender Male
Birth February 2, 1936[1]
Age 0 (at time of death)
Death February 3, 1936[1]
Relatives John Carpenter (father)
Claire Chambers (mother)
Julian Carpenter (brother)
Marie Carpenter (sister-in-law)
Jamie Carpenter (nephew)
Military Information
Status Deceased

Christopher Carpenter was the brother of Julian Carpenter.


Christopher was born to John Carpenter and his wife, Claire Chambers, but died shortly afterwards.



  • Even though, it was stated in the book that Christopher died during his birth, according to the family tree he lived for around a day. Also, according to the family tree, he was born in 1936, making him 22 years older than his brother, Julian. In the books, however, Christopher was younger than Julian.


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