Full name Chloe
Gender Female
Age Early 20s
Military Information
Affiliation None
Status Alive

Chloe is a vampire.

Physical descriptionEdit

Chloe has long, honey-blonde hair and green eyes. Her skin is pale and flawless.




She was turned some time in 2008 during the Superbowl-weekend in New Orleans. At first, Chloe didn't mind the biting marks and didn't really think about them. However, after pushing back the curtains the next morning, her arm started to burn which finally alarmed her. Some time after the realisation that something's wrong with her, Chloe drank up the little dog from her neighbours.

Eventually, Chloe met another vampire named Derek in Los Angeles, who told her almost everything she had to know, as he didn't tell her about the supernatural departments and their purpose.


Larissa KinleyEdit


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