Full name Anderson
Gender Male
Military Information
Affiliation Alexandru Rusmanov (former)
Status Alive

Anderson is a vampire and the former right-hand man of Alexandru Rusmanov.

Physical Description Edit

Anderson is described as having a hulking body, with a small head and a childlike face.


Anderson is a large vampire, presumably turned by Alexandru Rusmanov. He is loyal to Alexandru, and will only commit violence when commanded.


Anderson is Alexandru's right hand man. After Alexandru's death at the hands of Jamie Carpenter, he served Valeri. He helped capture Admiral Henry Seward. He escaped from Valeri, and moves to the north of Spain, and he gives Valentin the location of Valeri.


Attack on LindisfarneEdit

Anderson was Alexandru Rusmanov's right hand man. When Jamie Carpenter attacks the monastery, Anderson flees after Alexandru is killed and he is injured.

Location of DraculaEdit

Anderson is discovered by Valentin Rusmanov in San Sebastian, Spain, when the latter is searching for Dracula. After Valentin managed to convince him, Anderson gives him the location of Valeri Rusmanov and Dracula.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit


Alexandru RusmanovEdit

Valeri RusmanovEdit

Valentin RusmanovEdit

Dracula Edit




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