Anderson: He went bad. After Ilyana, he went bad.
Valentin: (thinking) Alexandru went bad long before that. Decades, maybe centuries even. But you're right, that was the final straw. That was when the last part of the man he had been died.
Alexandru Rusmanov

Runner up fan-art by Dwayne de Kock

Full name Alexandru Rusmanov
Gender Male
Relatives Ilyana Rusmanov † (wife)
Alexei Rusmanov † (father)
Unnamed mother †
Unnamed maternal aunts †
Valeri Rusmanov (elder brother)
Ana Rusmanov (sister-in-law)
Valentin Rusmanov (younger brother)
Military Information
Rank General (former)
Status Deceased

Alexandru Rusmanov was one of the oldest and strongest vampires in the world, and former General of Dracula. He's also the second eldest of the Rusmanov brothers.

Physical descriptionEdit


Alexandru is cruel and sadistic and would kill people just because he could. Unlike his brothers who drank blood only when necessary, Alexandru would drink from a person for fun.




Ilyana RusmanovEdit

Ilyana was his wife. She was killed in Hungary by Jamie's father, Julian Carpenter, enraging Alexandru.

Valentin RusmanovEdit

He loved you too. He didn't like Valeri, but he talked about you often. He missed you.

Anderson to Valentin about Alexandru, Department 19: Zero Hour (chapter 25)

Valentin is Alexandru's younger brother. As children, they spent a lot of time together which resulted in them groving close to each other. Alexandru would protect Valentin at all cost, even going as far as to beat a farmer's son to near death because he simply pushed Valentin over. However, Valentin began distancing himself from Alexandru due to his homicidal tendencies after they became vampires.

Julian CarpenterEdit

Alexandru held a strong hatred for Julian after he had killed Ilyana.



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