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Albert Harker
Full name Albert Harker
Gender Male
Birth 1960
Age 50s
Death 2009/2010
Relatives David Harker † (father)
Robert Harker † (twin brother)
George Harker Jr. † (nephew)
John Harker † (nephew)
for more, see Harker family
Military Information
Status Deceased

Albert Harker was the twin brother of Robert Harker, the father of George Jr. and John Harker. During the attack of vampires on the Broadmoor Hospital, Albert was turned into one.

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One night, Albert's brother, Robert Harker, tells Albert about Department 19, and that their father would ask them to join when they turned 21. Albert is incredibly excited. During Robert and Albert's 21st birthday, Albert and the family are eating breakfast, and David Harker brings Robert into his study, asking him to join Blacklight. Albert soon realizes that his father is not going to ask him to join. Albert leaves, and his father grudgingly asks him to join, but Albert declines, saying that he could not face the disappointment in his fathers eyes every day. Albert gives an interview to Johnny Supernova, exposing Blacklight. After his death, Supernova leaves the interview in his will, which is given to Kevin McKenna.


Attack on BroadmoorEdit

After the attack on Broadmoor, Albert kills two village-folk after his escape. He is turned via plasma from Dracula's fangs. This makes him incredibly strong. He flees, and goes after Kevin McKenna.

Taking RevengeEdit

Albert hunts down Johnny Supernova's attorney, and he kills him after finding out the next of kin for Johnny, knowing that Johnny would have the interview. Albert finds Kevin and he bullies him into writing his story. Albert forces him to write a post on his blog about "Red eyes and black suits," asking for people affected by the supernatural. Greg Browning and Pete Randall both put their stories on the website. The pair meet up with Kevin and Albert in Reading. They go to a printing press, after killing all of the guards, they begin to print the newspaper article. Blacklight operators Kate Randall, Matt Browning, and Victor Frankenstein confront Albert, and Matt manages to kill him. But the newspapers have already been released. Matt and Kate reunite with their fathers.


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