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Alastair Dempsey
Full name Alastair Dempsey
Gender Male
Death 2010
Relatives Unnamed mother
Sharon (sister)
Nick (brother-in-law)
Beth (niece)
Military Information
Status Deceased

Alastair Dempsey was a patient of Broadmoor who was turned into a vampire.

Physical descriptionEdit



Alastair had once been working as a primary school teacher, and for the St. John Ambulance as a volunteer.

18 years before he became a vampire, his eight-year-old niece, Beth, lived for a short period in his house which he had inhabited for around twenty years at that time, as Beth's parents ‒ Alastair's sister, Sharon, and her husband, Nick ‒ were on holidays in Fuerteventura.

After Sharon and Nick came back from their holiday and picked their daughter up from Alastair, Beth told them that she had heard a "Ghost Lady" crying in the walls of Alastair's house.

A little while later, Sharon payed a visit to Alastair, only to find his house empty. When 24 hours had passed and he still hadn't shown up, Sharon called the police. They then searched the house and found a secret cellar. From the secret cellar's ceiling hung the corpse of a woman who was later identified as Anna Bailey, a callgirl Alastair had once ordered.

Around six hours after the police found Alastair's secret cellar, he was already the most wanted man in the country.

Alastair Dempsey was caught five days later by the police when he tried taking a ferry from Dover to France. He was sentenced a lifelong custody in a mental facility ‒ the Broadmoor Hospital.


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