Alan Foster
Full name Alan Foster
Gender Male
Birth 1960s
Age 50s
Relatives Cynthia Foster (wife)
Military Information
Status Alive

Alan Foster is a former soldier who was on holiday in Carcassone when Dracula attacked the city.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alan has a muscular build, grey hair and a wrinkled face, with liver spots on his hand.


Alan is a very self-sacrificing man.


Taking Carcassonne Edit

When Dracula's forces attacked the city, Foster and his wife fled, until being taken hostage by the vampires. The hostages, led by Foster, escaped the hotel where they were being kept. They attacked the vampires with guns, until being saved by the strike team.

Strike TeamEdit

Alan joined the strike team sent to kill Dracula; he was not apart of the original strike team of course, but he joined them after the strike team saved him from vampires. He was knocked out cold during the fight, and after the defeat of Dracula, he reunited with his wife, Cynthia.


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